Welcome to The Garlic Press!

The Garlic Press is currently closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We will be spending valuable time with our families, taking the time to pour over stacks of cookbooks and try new recipes, finally organize our back room and office more thoroughly, fine tune our newer computer system and generally make improvements at the store. We encourage all of you to spend your time in imaginative ways, listen to more music and use the internet to connect with your family and friends that live further away. We want to reiterate what you have already heard, please check on your neighbors (from a distance), try not to overbuy at the grocery stores and remind yourselves to be patient and kind with each other

It’s impossible to know when we will all be returning to our “Normal” lives, but you can be sure we will welcome you back with open hearts and a place to share your stories and heal a little. Please keep in touch via email with your thoughts & questions or check in on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We will try to put together some videos, recipes to share and easy recipes to share.

Be well, be creative and be strong,

-Dotti, Sarah & Pam